Do you want a guy in your life but can’t seem to find the right one? The guys you meet are either a step away from being social misfits or they are already taken or they just don’t have any effect on your heart (zero attraction). You often ask yourself ‘will I ever find a guy?’ That depends on you.

i. What am I looking for? Do you know what you want in a guy apart from him being male? What should he look like physically? What should his belief system be like? What about his career and hobbies? Define for yourself what it is that you are looking for exactly. To find a guy you must know the kind of guy that you are looking for so that if you do find him then you will know.

ii. Would he be interested in me? Sometimes we focus so much on the guy we want that we forget to ask the all important question… would such a guy be interested in me? If you are looking for a man of great intellect… what do you have that will attract him and keep him to you? If you want a man of faith in God… would he be interested in someone who believes as you do? If you want a confident and articulate man… what do you have that would appeal to him and keep him to you? Be as honest and realistic as you possibly can be. To find a guy then you must also be the kind of woman that he is looking for.

iii. What kind of relationship do I want? To find a guy then you must know the kind of relationship that the guy you want and you can have. If you want commitment then that will help you define the kind of man that you want as you will look more closely at his relationship skills and how he treats you. If you want a short affair than you may not pay too much attention to his relationship skills and how he treats you since you are more interested in how he makes you feel now and here.

iv. Where would he be hanging out? To find a guy then you have to understand the values and hangouts of the guy that you want. Would the type of man you want be hanging out at the local pub or at which recreational place? If you are searching online then what kind of online service would he be subscribed to? There are very many places where you can meet a guy so know where you should focus most of your efforts so that you don’t waste your time.

To find a guy then you must do the correct ground work to ensure your success. Remove as much of the guess work as possible so that you can focus your efforts in the most effective way.


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