Once you marry, life falls into routines. You go to work, come back, play with kids, have dinner and get back to sleep. That spark of getting in a new relationship diminishes with time. You rarely try to take out time to do new things with your partner. Over time, love also becomes routine. The love life becomes dull and, before you know it, your marriage becomes another job for you.

It is very important that you keep on celebrating the small milestones each day. One common mistake that married couples do is that they do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. A lot of spouses will say that it is just an excuse to buy over-priced gifts for their significant other. However, there is more than this to this beautiful day for couples. They have the sanctity of marriage, the sacred bond which ties them over times good and bad and through thick and thin.

The married couples must celebrate Valentine’s Day for its very spirit. They should celebrate their love, their commitment to each other. It must be seen as a day to celebrate love. Generally, taking time out to do things together takes a backseat after marriage. All you can do is sit back and wonder that the things are not the way they used to be. Before you get married, the time spent with each other is without any responsibilities. However, after marriage, the love is communicated in different ways. Responsibility takes over.

But, things do not have to be the same always. You can rejuvenate your married relationship just like the old times. All you need to do is to revive your sentiments.

Here are some of the ideas which can make your Valentine’s Day special, just like the old times:

  1. A few years into the marriage and all the excitement to wake up in the morning and kiss each other a morning kiss vanishes. It is rather replaced by getting ready for work. Try recreating the day as the first time you two met. This will not only bring back the good, fragrant memories but will also help you reconnect with your spouse again.
  2. After marriage, all the funds and finances are spent in the best of the family’s interest. There is no more room for surprise gifts and vacation trips and doing something fun. However, small, thoughtful gifts are great means to show affection for your significant other.
  3. If your work allows, plan a small getaway to a romantic place. This will give you time for yourself and revive your relationship.
  4. If you both can spare sometime during the whole week, try enrolling in some fun classes or activities. This will give you more time to spend with your spouse. Sharing a few laughs and doing things together will tell your spouse that you still care and love them will all your heart. Marriage is little things which come together to form a sacred, loving bond.

The bottom line is, Valentine’s Day is as important for married couples as it is for the dating couples. All of us like surprises once in a while and it does not take a lot to rekindle the old spark. After all, marriage is all about making an effort.