Why Is Taking Initiative Important For Success? Without initiative it is not possible to be successful. Initiative is the result of expectations we have of ourselves. If we look at Michael Jordan for instance he worked extremely hard to perfect his game. Talent alone is not enough it takes effort and persistence to stick to a goal.

Anything we want to achieve takes initiative. Without applying effort it is hard to be successful. My seven year old granddaughter recently had her first piano recital. The three little pieces that she played took a lot of effort to master. We heard another girl who had been playing five years and it was evident that she had initiative in order to learn to play the piano well.

Initiative is our willingness to make a commitment to a goal that matters to us. I knew a successful business man who said to me that he had to admit that he was unsuccessful in his personal life. It troubled him and he felt that it he now also wanted to learn to be successful in his relationships. He had been married three times, each marriage ending in divorce. Now that he was in his late fifties his goal was to learn how to be a successful partner in a lasting meaningful relationship. He took initiative to learn effective relationship skills which eventually made it possible for him to connect with and appreciate a loving partner. Without his initiative to learn what he did not know he would not have been successful in achieving his goal.

Without initiative we cannot achieve what we want for ourselves. First we need to be clear as to what the goal is, then make a commitment to apply effort to achieving it, and then value the small incremental improvements that lead towards the chosen goal. We attain success by taking initiative to reach what is important to us.