One of the most popular and successful marriage coaches today is Mort Fertel. Mort Fertel is the author of the Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp, the Marriage Fitness Audio Learning System, and the Marriage Fitness Home Flex programs. He has been featured on numerous nationally syndicated news and talk shows. All of that sounds very impressive, but I wanted to know about Mort Fertel the person. As it turns out, Mort Fertel is not actually a therapist or a licensed counselor. However, he is a person with a passion for helping other couples. Mort has a very personal story as to why he wants to help others obtain fulfillment in their relationships too.

He and his wife had a deep connection and great communication with each other. They were very much in love. Unfortunately, tragedy struck their family when their one week old child died. Later, the couple was to have their twin daughters die as newborns. These events had a profound impact on their relationship.

Many things that happen in our lives can cause a couple to lose the joy in their relationship. It may not be a tragedy like losing a child, but other things like poor health or problems with finances can really suck all the happiness out of our lives and our relationships.

The Fertels tried going to marriage counseling, reading self-help books, and doing all the conventional things like working on their communication skills. None of it worked for them. The more they learned and tried to apply these things to their lives, the worse it got.

Finally, while at the brink of divorce, the Fertels had a breakthrough. They decided to set aside their problems and to focus all their efforts into connecting again with each other. That made all the difference in the world. Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to go through the back door. A baseball player has been trained to follow all the fundamentals. And yet, even the highly skilled players fall into really bad slumps when they cannot hit the ball. Sometimes it helps the player to remember what it felt like when they were hitting well and to visualize those things they did well. A lot of things in life are like that – especially relationships. You have to visualize success before you can obtain it.

Relationship coaching focuses on a lot of fundamentals like good communication skills, and for each person to be able to express what they want out of relationship. Those things are good to a point. However, Mort Fertel goes beyond that and helps couples to see clearly how they connect, and how to enjoy the process of connecting. Mort Fertel’s philosophy certainly seems to be connecting with a lot of people. Thousands of people each month are looking to him for information and help on how to save and improve their marriages.