When Do You Know Someone Is Flirting With You?

Scientists have studied the facial expressions of people who are interested in other people to find out what faces we make when we are attracted to someone.

We do not know every time someone is interested in us, and perhaps we are not so good at sending subtle messages to whom we prefer and want to know better. So what is there to do? Let’s leave it to science, which can tell us precisely what facial expressions are made to flirt.

The state we have is not always transmitted by words, but by facial expressions. We have studied the existence of certain facial movements that women mostly use when they are interested in a man.

To conduct a study, various actors and volunteers posed flirting as they thought they should or as directed. For the first time, we have identified not only the expressions that represent flirtation but also discovered the function they have: to activate the link they have with relationships and sex.

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At the end of the study, the researchers found 4 facial movements that indicate women’s romantic or sexual interest in men. Of course, it’s quite the opposite, but it is possible that all the conclusions of the study are based on the expressions that women make and less on those that men make for the simple reason that they tend to be more expressive.

What are the facial movements that show flirting?

  1. Head turned to one side.
  2. Chin down a bit
  3. A shy smile
  4. Looking at the person or with whom you flirt.

This study is not the only one studying flirting. Some others set out to find out why people flirt. In 2004, David Dryden Henningsen, a professor at Northern Illinois University, outlined six reasons why people flirt.

6 reasons why people flirt:

  1. Sex
  2. In order not to get out of control, it is perceived as a sport
  3. Trying to see what it would be like to start a relationship
  4. Trying to increase intimacy in a couple
  5. Increase your self-confidence
  6. Trying to conquer someone who is already with another person