Nat continues: “If our head is in the sand about our finances then no matter who asks questions related to it, we will find it triggers us. Being willing to face our financial faux pas head on brings us a level of confidence when other people start to ask us questions. You are also not the only person with financial worries so sharing all with someone in the same situation will take the pressure off and leave you feeling truly seen and accepted regardless of what’s in the bank.

She also adds an important point that, ultimately, anyone should remember regardless of their living and financial situations: “We should not be dating partners based on how much money they have.”

Although I know these words are so true, the comparison culture we live in will inevitably continue to make it hard for me to live my life – at my own pace and within my means – without feeling like I’m being judged. But perhaps what I’ve realised I am my own biggest judge, and that’s the relationship I really need to work on first.