Education: Students in the field of Mechanical and Civil Engineering will particularly perform better than the rest. Venus is blessing academics so on the educational front, things will be very good. Last week of December will divert your focus but next month will retrieve it. Students preparing for civil services will feel anxious this month but you will meet your much-needed guide to save your hour of need. Follow the guidance given by him and you will be calmed again.
Career: Natives of Virgo will have to be very careful about their moves this month. You may hate the monotony of your job and your attention will go side-lines causing adverse backlash. You will feel a little imbalanced between your work and your family. You can incline towards work to grab opportunities guided by Venus and Mercury.
Business: This month, Virgo natives are advised to be vigilant and observant about the business. You need to think thrice before making any severe decisions. You will have to protect your legal documents from your smart enemies. A discussion on a very serious note with your partner is expected by the end of this month. Let this hard time pass but be careful about where you spill the beans of your plans.
Love: Your attraction and zeal towards your partner will increase. Your partner will need a certain amount of reassurance about your feelings. Make them feel secure and wanted. Love is blooming in the garden of your heart and this month; Mars will water it.
Marriage: Some misunderstandings may arise in your married life. Be true to each other and sort things out before it becomes difficult to take a turn. People may take advantage of the gap created in your marriage, but you both must stick together without a doubt. Take affirmed steps which show support to each other. Marriage won’t fail this month so have patience.
Kids: Your kids will be in good health this month. You will need to look keenly at their mental health issues this month. They are burdened by the work and education and are struggling with the feeling of unacceptance. You as parent have a great connection with your child and you can make them feel accepted for who they are and reduce their stress.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla