2021 will be the shift in your life that you greatly need to achieve your dreams and aspirations. The year will be a pathway for success and growth; where you will grow as an individual. Virgos will however face challenges that might not work in their favour. But, challenges are nothing in front of Virgos who take a challenge to heart and face it head-on.

Virgos will have an amazing year ahead in terms of life success and most importantly, relationships. However, a twist in Virgos’ relationships await. People who are looking to connect with someone will experience something very rare, a karmic connection. There will be strings of attraction that will lure other people towards you, especially the one you have an eye for. There will also be instances that might give you a Déjà vu about the other person. And so, you will feel that you have had already a connection with your potential partner before.

Single Virgos can expect a soulmate connection to build up with their partner in time. Virgos have always been the analytical kind and are quite honest and upfront about their feelings. So, they take time to bond with someone, after weighing all the signs available to them. This very trait of theirs will help them to recognise the right person for themselves. They might feel a ‘strange pull’ towards the other person as the feeling of Déjà vu enters here.

Those who are in committed relationships will be really pleased to know that their bond will grow stronger with every passing day as the cards of their relationship are extremely positive. They will feel rooted down to each other, and the strong-bond relationship will work in a Virgo’s favour. As a couple, Virgos and their partner will face challenges that might shake up their strong foundation. There might be challenges relating to lifestyle but worry not, it won’t create problems as Virgos, who are natural fighters, will be able to overcome those with their sheer will power and love.

In 2021, Virgos will try to focus more on healthy and spiritual living as they believe it is the essence of life, which will help them pass through tough and difficult times. Similarly, in relationships, Virgos will urge their partner to also follow the same path as theirs. This can be a very good decision, as it will strengthen their bond even more. Virgos, indeed, have a very positive year ahead!

Tarot Card reader Roshan Sylvia has broken down Virgo’s predictions for 2021, in terms of relationships and love. See down below.

Virgo Horoscope 2021

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