“The best relationship advice I can give you is make sure you’re the crazy one.”

If you think I wouldn’t be the first person you’d go to for relationship advice let me set one thing straight- you’re right. But, you are here for my relationship advice so that must mean that I’m not the first person that you’ve gone to. So I’m going to start with the number one rule in a relationship.

You don’t need them. You always, always, have to remember that you don’t need your significant other. You don’t need them to live, to survive, or to breathe. The emphasis in a relationship is that you want the other person in your life. You’ve chosen to spend your time, and put your heart into this other person because you want to.

You also have to remember that they don’t have a right to be in your life. They don’t own you, or anything about you, and they don’t deserve to be in your life for no reason-they’ve earned their spot. You’ve both earned your places. You’ve both had to have put an equal amount of time, love and care into the relationship you guys have in order for it to be a healthy one.

These things are so important because more often than not, when we’re in the middle of the feelings and the thrill of having someone to call “mine,” we forget that they aren’t our whole world. Our own bodies, hopes, and beliefs come first, and came first into this world. When you’re absolutely alone, and you feel like the world is working against you, the person who will always be there for you is yourself, and although your whole life should be full of the people who you love, always remember that your own self comes first.

This is coming from someone who’s never been in a relationship- but I have been single. And from being single, I know that you need to appreciate the people in your life, but you also need to grow to appreciate yourself. You need to be comfortable sitting in a coffee shop, alone, or be completely okay with saying “table for one please.” And while I have tips for that, that’s another story.

My final piece of advice is that if you need relationship advice, or you need to work out an issue, talk to the person it’s about. The best people that can give you relationship advice about your relationship are the people in the relationship. Talk about it, and work it out with each other.

But in the end, if that doesn’t work, my final piece of advice, or really my one only piece of advice, is put yourself first.