Todd Chrisley took to Instagram and spoke about relationships and trust this weekend. Perhaps he mentions that because Savannah and Nic Kerdiles recently split. Or, as it came on a Sunday, he simply shared his in his thoughts from attending church.

Todd Chrisley feels trust makes or breaks relationships

On his Instagram, Todd shared a card. It talked about not looking through your partner’s phone when he’s not around. The patriarch of Chrisley Knows Best noted that if you feel like looking in his “wallet for receipts,” you “should go to a mirror.” It ends by saying that if you find yourself doing that sort of thing, the relationship’s “done.” While he talked about a woman checking on a man, his caption talked about men doing the same thing to their partners.

Todd Chrisley’s caption said that he and Julie lived together for 25 years now. And, he “never” went “through her phone” or “emails.” He also never “questioned a conversation.” Todd says he knew that she never gave him any cause to doubt her. Finally, the USA Network star noted, “when you know you know.” And, “it’s all in what you do with what you know that matters.”

Good advice from the reality TV star

Whether Todd hinted at something that went down with Savannah and Nic isn’t known. But, his fans took it as very good advice. And, some of them confessed their guilt about doing that. One fan wrote, “#TRUTH!! I was a “phone checker.” They added, “not my proudest moment.” Luckily it worked out in a second relationship though. So they no longer check these things out.

Then, another one of Todd Chrisley’s fans chipped in. She commented about “23 years” together with her husband. The fan noted their husband never gave her reason for doubt. Then another follower wrote, “Truth! 35 years together and never looked through phone or messages. I know he protects my heart as I do his.”

Fan shares noteworthy thoughts on trust

One Todd Chrisley fan came up with a very well received comment. They wrote, “Trust is built by sharing the joys of everyday life and overcoming the challenges and obstacles as a team. It is not fostered by suspicion, innuendo or snooping. Life is short; ain’t nobody got time for that!” talks about trust and relationships as well. The site notes that a lack of trust probably ends up in “divorce.” They noted that “without trust, spouses will never feel comfortable in the relationship.” It means they probably already suspect “the worst from their partner.” And, that makes people unhappy and stressed. In fact, a relationship without trust can be very “exhausting.”

What do you think about checking phone messages and wallets for reciepts? Do you think that if you feel the need to do that you shouldn’t be together as Todd Chrisley suggests? Sound off in the comments below.

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