When it comes to relationships, sometimes we let our past get in the way of our present. But, some people are more likely to linger on to their past. Find out if you are one of them, based on your zodiac sign.

People,zodiac signs,relationship,astrologyTHESE 5 Zodiac signs let their past haunt their present relationship

Are you unable to stop thinking about your ex? Sometimes no matter how good your relationship is, things just don’t work out. You are left with lingering thoughts that sabotage your present. You think about the mistakes you made, the things they said, and incidents that made things worse. While almost everyone thinks about their past once in a while, there are some people who find it difficult to move on. 

Like most things, astrology has a lot to do with your life experiences, and it can tell its impact on your present. If you too are stuck in a limbo where you are unable to live your present to the fullest or let go of the past, then this article might give you some perspective. It might help you understand why you can’t move on. 

With that said, here are the zodiac signs who let their messy past haunt their present. 


Taurus is extremely resistant to change and find it difficult to adjust to new things. So, they take their time to fall in love and also do not come out of their comfort zone easily. They are also very emotional, so when they get betrayed, they find it hard to trust someone again. 


Cancers are one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, who have trouble letting go of the past. They give it all to their relationship, and when the bond is broken, they keep thinking about the moments they had spent with their ex so much so that it affects their present relationship. 


Just like Cancerians, Pisceans are very emotional. They are optimistic as well until something goes wrong in their life or someone breaks their trust. Once that happens, they keep thinking about what went wrong and what they could have done to make things work. They unintentionally let their past affect their present relationship. 


Librans like to maintain balance in life, so they get super disturbed when things don’t go their way. Plus, they have a strong memory so they will probably remember everything about their ex. So, it might haunt their present, which is why their present relationship might suffer. 


People belonging to Scorpio take a lot of time to trust someone, and betrayal in love adds to the issue. They are constantly haunted by what happened in the past and keep comparing their present with it. They get so stuck in the past that they become unable to let their present relationship foster. 

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