The public relations practitioners and members of the media have roles that are in many ways complementary. Both sides of these relationships have common goals of creating a story, or developing a narrative, that keeps readers, listeners and viewers informed. The downside is that both parties have many relationships creating tension between them and their relationships between them can have many ups and downs.

As a matter of fact, public relations want to see the most flattering media stories about their clients. They learn what procedures, journalists, columnists and popular bloggers wants in terms of news and topics, and the exact way these people need news pitched to them. As a practitioner, you have to keep up on breaking news and trending topics that a client’s product, company or expertise could somehow tie into so as to expand that clients business and reputation through media coverage.


The media needs a constant stream of compelling content to fill airtime and print space. Reporters, editors and producers look for experts and quest daily. Some services used in delivering media projects needs regarding stories, deadlines and interviewees wanted practitioners who can determine if their clients fit.The media wants exciting leads and reliable and articulate guests that offer something original,engaging and relevant to fit their editorial needs.


There are still unclear facts about what distinguishes media relations from public relations. Here are three other ways to differentiate the two:

1. Public relations use multiple channels to generate public exposure: Media relations use one, the press to build the relationships between organizations stakeholders. To do so, public relation might use variety of channels like company blog, social media or even a special event to communicate directly with those individuals. Media relations focus on the key channel. Using the press as the channel to communicate with stakeholders not only allows you to meet those stakeholders where they already are using what they have already reading, watching, listening to.

2. Public relations are the rectangle while media is the square: they remember this old adage from geometry class that is all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares? it is true because a square is a special type of rectangle,one where all the sides have the same length. Both have certain commonalities, but also distinct differences.

3. Public relations shape the message while media relations provide a megaphone. Public relations pros are charged with sculpting the message that best represents the brand. Today, these individuals have many tools at their disposal to help disseminate that message. Oftentimes if someone wants to increase the visibility of that message they might ask to make it go viral or put some funds behind it. However, when it comes to increasing the reach of your message, the original megaphone and one of the most trusted and often cost effective methods, is still the media.