Here are the steps on getting the best overall deal using a T1 Agent to get broadband for your company. But, before I do, I want you to know that not all these online services is out for your companies’ best interest. Some agents doing business online are sending quotes out that favors certain providers because that provider pays then the most in commission to market their T1. By all means use online T1 agents it’s just that you have to be an astute intuitive shopper and apply the simple information I have found to grab the best deal because between 1-6 years you will be tied to a provider and the only way to resolve the relationship is to buy your way out of the contract.

How can you know a T1 agent is any good?

Establishing that an agent is right for you and has experience and qualifications, as well as being committed to the industry code of practice, is vital to ensure you’re getting the best service for your needs. Here is a step-by-step checklist that will help you know if your agent is on the level.

o Just because you contact the agent online a phone call should be made to the agent so he or she can really understand your business T1 needs, both now and into the future.

o Ensure your online agent is not just an agent for one provider

o Check the qualifications and experience of your agent, even ask for references from previous customers. Check to see if they are listed on the social network LinkedIn.

o A good agent should be able to explain the different products that are offered by the providers in language you understand and how it affects your communication needs.

o Your agent can be your best friend for a long term contract so it’s up to you, but it really helps if you actually like your agent as well!

Reason to shop online for T1

o Better price – the advantage of ordering through a broker is that you will get a second channel of customer service and current information on promotions and price breaks. If the company is not performing to expectations you will always be able to go back to your agent.

o Convenient

o You’ll totally avoid sale people calling on you.

o Saves time – You will be able to sit in your office and have emailed to you quotes on price and service from multiple providers before you talk to anyone.