Personalized your groomsmen gifts by engraving sayings on their mugs. Here are three suggestions on what to write: write a personal thank-you, use a quote about friendship that you can both relate to, or use a reference to a significant event or an inside joke that only you and your groomsmen share.

An engraved gift item would make for an amazing groomsmen gift. A mug with message or saying would be a beautiful and personalized gift you can offer as a token of your gratitude.

A personal thank-you

A personal thank-you note for their being a part of your special day will go a long way. For one, you can tell them exactly how thankful you are for their presence. And they’ll always be reminded of you and your wedding and how they were appreciated for it, even when time a significant time has passed.

They will also appreciate the effort you took to write a thank-you note that you did not just copy from some generic thank-you message that can be found online.

A quote about your friendship

There are so many friendship quotes that can be found anywhere, but there can only be more than a few quotes that truly speak about the friendship you shared. You can do some digging to find the perfect quote that defines your friendship. This will be a wonderful reminder your friendship still means a lot. And that this is something you will always share.

Some examples of friendship quotes relate a lot to a friendship between men could be “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them” (from Ralph Waldo Emerson) or “When man to man shall be friend and brother” (from Martin Luther King).

The inside joke or reference

Using an inside joke or reference to a significant event that only you and your groomsmen have will add more meaning to the personalization of the gift. And it can be a reminder of all the good times that you’ve shared, even now that you’re married.

Some possible lines could be “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut” (from Ernest Hemmingway) could refer to those drunken nights you and your buddies share and the stupid things you told each other will buzzed. This way, you’re reminded of all those good times without revealing anything you don’t want to.