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Why are certain persons more effective than others in their personal lives and within their professional atmosphere?

Some are maybe very effective in their houses, having great relationships with their partners and kids, but with many communication problems within their workplace. Others have great relationships in the workplace at the cost of their marriages and family life: a lot of time has been spent in the workplace along with the family at home has been felt ignored and left behind.  

The origin cause of the issue is communicating or being exact: successful communication. Surprisingly, a great deal of communicating is going well the majority of the time. But in case a communication problem occurs, the question: what went wrong?

This book covers the following topics:

✓   Share Your Thoughts and Communicate

✓   How to Communicate About Serious Issues in Relationships

✓   Learn to Admit Your Mistakes

✓   Practical Communication Skills in Relationships

✓   Sexual Communication to Improve Intimacy

✓   Mistakes to Avoid for a Lasting Marriage

✓   Avoid These Habits Which Can Ruin Your Marriage

✓   Toxic Relationship and the Absence of Mindfulness

✓   The Impact of Ego on Your Life and Relationship

✓   Common Fears and Insecurities in a Relationship

✓   BONUS: Couple Skills

And much more!

Lack of communication in marriage is one of the biggest reasons for the growing rate of divorce and separation. Couples need to talk openly about their feelings and thoughts. Nobody is perfect, and even life isn’t perfect. You may not be perfect and neither your partner. So, it’s imperative to communicate your feelings to your partner in marriage and even listen actively to their emotions and perspectives. If you carry unresolved issues inside you, your heart will eventually turn cold. Learn more about how to communicate with your partner by reading this book.

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