Whether it’s a simple peck on the cheek as you are leaving or a full-blown smooch worthy of an Oscar nomination, kissing defines who we are and where we are in a relationship. If you don’t believe it, then consider how your kissing has changed from now, back to when you first started dating your partner.

Kissing is the first sign of intimacy in a relationship. It progresses a relationship past the ‘just friends’ stage and into ‘something more’. Kissing is important because it is a true sign of feelings for ‘that someone special’. You can have…

  • a conversation with others,
  • you can shake hands with strangers,

but kissing is strictly reserved for that one special someone in your life.

When you kiss your partner, is it out of habit or out of emotion? Out of habit is blindly kissing without putting any real emotion or feeling into it. It is more of an automatic response than anything else. If this is true, your partner will be happy to agree with this synopsis.

But when you kiss out of emotion, your partner will immediately be able to tell the difference. If you start kissing with emotion, their first response will probably be surprise. They’ll sense a huge difference and will want to know what is going on. If you warrant this type of reaction then it is a clear indicator your old way of kissing needed some improvement.

When you kiss properly, you should be able to convey how you feel about your ‘special someone’ without needing to add a word. A kiss is an extension of your true feelings.

  • a peck on the cheek means you still care, but
  • a full-blown smooch fest means you really care a lot about them, you love them with all of your heart and you just wanted to remind them of that.

If you want to evaluate how your kissing rates without having to ask your partner, simply think about how you feel when the two of you kiss…

  1. Are you bored? Then you need to spice things up a bit.
  2. Are you content? This is good, but still leaves room for improvement.
  3. Are you excited for the opportunity? Then it shows that there is still a major spark there.

And don’t forget to kiss your partner for no reason. Going off to work or saying good night is one thing, but planting one on them without having a reason will tell them how special you think they still are.