When a young couple become married, they often have different thoughts and ideas about how to make their marriage a long and happy one. With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce these days, it’s no surprise newlyweds will have to make adjustments to their previous habits and expectations about…

  • sex and money,
  • conflict resolution, and
  • forgiveness.

Here are some of the top relationship questions from newlyweds and the corresponding answers…

1. How long should we wait before we have children? Only the couple can really answer this question in the end. However, most experts agree you should wait to have children until you are financially stable and have had some alone time together as a newly married couple.

Of course, personal situations and even the age of the individuals can play a role in this decision. If you get married later in life, for instance, your biological clock might be ticking a little too loudly to wait too long to have children. Just make sure you are in a very stable situation, both financially and relationship wise, before you bring children into the mix.

2. How do you keep the romance alive? This is perhaps one of the biggest shocks to a newly married couple. The romantic feelings we all feel during those dating years are exciting and thrilling. However, to expect those same feelings to continue year after year is almost impossible. When you throw hectic work schedules, children, health issues and daily life challenges into the mix, you probably aren’t going to be throwing rose petals on the bed and running a hot bubble bath for your spouse every single night.

Couples have to keep in mind the love they have for each other will change and evolve over time as life circumstances change. What was once simple romance and lustful feelings will turn into a strong, abiding love.

3. What happens if our relationship gets into trouble? Every couple is different in handling problems and conflict. If you find you are fighting a lot, it might make sense to book yourself into counseling so you can learn the best methods of communicating with your spouse.

When couples first get married, learning how to be in the marriage relationship can be a little bit tricky. Some couples have lived together before, so the transition might be a little bit smoother. However, making the lifelong commitment of marriage is a whole new level of responsibility. Most newlywed couples certainly don’t go into marriage thinking that they may become a part of the high divorce rate statistic.