Some women grow up dreaming of their wedding gown and have been putting aside money to pay for their gown and their wedding since they were children. You need to have the funds to spend for a couture gown, it’s not for the faint of heart, but if this is what you want, there are a variety of ways to get the gown that makes you delirious with joy.

There are the big houses. The Diors and Chanels. Quite frankly, you’re going to pay up to $100,000 for these gowns. That’s a lot of money. Even if you check in at $10,000 that’s a lot of money. Only you can decide if it’s worth it to you. You do want to be really sure about the marriage, though. While researching for this, I ran over a quote that said something like “the marriage didn’t last but we’ll always remember the gown.” Tacky. Getting married isn’t a social event. What you do about your bridal gown still needs to be seen through the lens of a wedding ceremony that moves you from engaged to married. Your focus still needs to be on creating wedding vows that will be the bedrock for that marriage. Your gown is what you wear as you make those wedding vows.

There is vintage. eBay and vintage dress shops and sites can help you find a vintage dress if couture from a different era is what you’re looking for. This can raise or lower the price considerably. Lower it, if it’s a dress that was worn by a person who happened to love the dress. Raise it, if it’s a by-product of a famous failed marriage.  Don’t be afraid of the waft of failure though. Your happy marriage can be the redemption of a beautiful gown. It seems that a beautiful gown deserves to be worn at a happy occasion doesn’t it?

There are current designers. These gowns are still pricey, but they’re pricey in the $1,500-5000 realm of pricey, which seems to bring them into the budget of a lot more people. Spend some time poking around on Google with couture wedding gowns and you’ll be bedazzled by the beauty.

Why would anyone spend this kind of money for a one-day dress? Well.

  • They are gorgeous. It’s not to say there aren’t gorgeous gowns to be had for a lot less, but the design details are astonishing. And they’re custom fit to your body, so that works on the comfort thing!
  • You’re supporting the arts. People who create handmade clothing are artists. The fabrics are unbelievable. There are so many other places at your wedding where you’re celebrating beauty; you might as well be one of them!
  • Your marriage is a special time. It exists outside time. You do it once and never again (hear me on this?!) Dare to look fabulous.
  • You live in a world where it is not uncommon. This may not be a big stretch for you, so you want the right gown when you marry the right partner.
  • You can and you want to. If one of these gowns fits your budget, if you’re not putting it on a credit card to pay off for the next 12 years, buy the wedding dress of your dreams and wow your world. You want to be beautiful for your partner. Go ahead.

Both partners should work at being beautiful for one another throughout their marriage. It helps to keep the sizzle going. And the sizzle is important in keeping marriage alive.