In this week’s Neighbours in the UK, Pierce ends up in hospital after a heart scare… but when it transpires he has amphetamines in his system, all of Erinsborough starts to wonder – who poisoned Pierce?!

Chloe doesn’t know how to feel – she’s shocked that he’s ended up in hospital, but knows she should hate him for what he did to her. She can’t even decide if she wants to pay him a visit in hospital. Is this a sign she isn’t going to be able to forgive him?

Dipi, meanwhile, rushes to his side straight away, terrified at the prospect of something happening to him.

However, he quickly points out that they shouldn’t be seen together. He’s worried that Chloe is already on her way and will see the pair together, jeopardising any chance of a reconciliation. It’s clear he still cares about his marriage, while the same clearly can’t be said for Dipi.

As she leaves his hospital room, Clive walks in to give Pierce his results. He had high levels of Dextroamphetamine in his system, a drug commonly prescribed for ADHD. Instantly, Dipi’s mind goes to the obvious place… Shane poisoned her lover!

When Levi comes to the hospital to take a statement from Pierce, they run through all of the possible options. Clearly Pierce didn’t take the drugs himself, so how did they get into his system?

The only thing he’d had that day was a protein shake and a tea, in his own home. He let the tea cool down while he took a shower, leaving the possibility that someone could have come in and spiked it.

Pierce’s mind goes to Shane as well… he’s definitely not a fan of his right now, and the door to Number 24 was unlocked; he could have easily come in and spiked his tea.

Yet there are awkward looks from Jay when he finds out Pierce is in hospital, and from Hendrix when Levi is questioning Pierce over who could have spiked him. Nobody apart from Dipi is a big fan of Pierce right now… could one of them have done it?!

When Shane is questioned by Levi, he makes it very clear that if he wanted to hurt Pierce, he wouldn’t do it by drugging him. He seems legitimate, and Levi seems to believe him. Yet seconds later, Dipi storms through the door, certain it was Shane who did it!

“So it’s a coincidence that the man you hate ends up in hospital with your drug of choice in his system?!”

“Yeah, actually, it is.”, Shane responds. “I didn’t drug Pierce, but it sounds like he got exactly what he deserves.”

He kicks Dipi out, telling her to go back to her boyfriend… but not before making her question whether Pierce is too busy grovelling for Chloe’s forgiveness. One thing’s for sure, Shane’s feelings are the last thing on Dipi’s mind.

She later confesses to Jane – her marriage is over! All she wanted was for Pierce to ask her to stay; when he didn’t, it broke her heart. As for whether she can work things through with Shane: “I’ve loved Shane for 20 years, but today when I looked at him, all I saw was exhaustion. There is nothing left in our marriage to save.”

It looks like it’s well and truly over for Shane and Dipi.

Baby blues

Elsewhere, David is about to jet off to Canada to start his and Aaron’s baby dreams. David is super nervous for the trip, and as Nicolette quips, it’s a long way to go for 5 minutes alone with a tiny cup!

When Paul and Terese pop by, the question of Nicolette having kids gets brought up, and Jane seems more than keen for grandchildren. Nicolette, when prompted, tells Terese that she does want kids… one day… but seems very put out by all the talk of children.

When she later chats to Jane alone, Nicolette tells her that she loves the fact her mum is looking forward to her having kids. So why did she look hurt, questions Jane.

To that question, Nicolette breaks down in tears – she’s single, has no savings, and is scrounging off the sweetest little family ever. David and Aaron are so far ahead of her in every life milestone ever, be it marriage, a house, or having a baby, and she wants all of those things.

She’s lonely. What if nobody ever loves her back?

Suddenly, a plan comes to mind. What if she could be the one to give David and Aaron a family?

As David is just about to jet off, suitcase in hand and heading for the door, she stops them. Yes, he could go to Canada, but that’s just the start of a journey to find a surrogate that could take over a year. Or, they could save the time, and do everything right there in Australia.

“Let me have your baby!”

In Nicolette’s eyes, the plan is perfect for everybody… but is it really that easy?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 7th November (8495)

After his heart attack scare, Pierce’s bloodwork shows evidence of stimulants that he knows he didn’t take.

Dipi suspects Shane drugged Pierce, leading her to admit to Jane that her marriage is over.

David is set to fly to Canada to begin the surrogacy process, but Nicolette comes forward with an offer just before he leaves.

Tuesday 8th December (8496)

Sheila decides to meet with Nathan to help get some closure, but when Bea and Levi interrupt the meeting, everyone is horrified to learn that Bea has been dating Levi’s attacker.

Everyone is shocked by Nicolette’s offer to be David and Aaron’s surrogate, leaving the couple with a lot to consider.

Wednesday 9th December (8497)

With tensions still running high between Hendrix and Pierce, all Hendrix wants to do now that exams are over is to party.

Shane is pleased that Dipi agrees to talk with him, but she later reneges on the meeting, leaving Shane at breaking point.

Bea questions her taste in men.

Thursday 10th December (8498)


The boys are ready to let loose at Schoolies.

Hendrix finds out about “The Ladder”, an app that the boys at school are using to rank their female classmates.

Pierce heads off to the campsite after Hendrix steals his car, with the rest of the Ramsay Street men eventually tagging along.

Shane’s grievances with Pierce get the better of him on the road and things turn physical between the pair once everyone’s at the campsite.

Friday 11th December (8499)

Shane tells Dipi that he’s tabling his efforts to fix their marriage to work on himself privately, which comes as a relief to Dipi.

Pierce arrives home with the sad realisation that things are over for him and Chloe, which devastates Hendrix.

Richie is ashamed when he admits to Mackenzie that he submitted her to “The Ladder”.