In TONIKAWA, Chitose is determined to tear apart a ‘doomed marriage,’ but Nasa is ready to prove he and Tsukasa made the right decision.

WARNING: the following contains spoilers for Episode 7 of TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Nasa Yuzaki never dreamed that he would get married at the tender age of 18, but that’s what happened, and it feels like a dream. He and his new bride Tsukasa have a lot left to do, though. For one thing, they have to convince their families to accept this marriage. Nasa’s parents are being cagey about their son’s marriage, so to settle things once and for all, Nasa and Tsukasa are headed to Nara Prefecture to talk it over with the Yuzakis in person. Trouble is brewing along the way.

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Bus Station Shenanigans

It’s the middle of the night, and Nasa and Tsukasa are trying to enjoy themselves at a bus station until their travels resume. Tsukasa is thrilled to find a food court at the station, and she set her eyes on a peculiar late-night snack: lime udon noodles. The picture showed an exquisite dish, but once Tsukasa gets her order, the udon dish is plain and unremarkable. Tsukasa feels let down by how mediocre they turned out to be, but these noodles might be a bit symbolic. Nasa suggests that Tsukasa actually eat the limes with the noodles to add some zest and flavor, and Tsukasa is overwhelmed by the sour citrus taste. Nasa teases Tsukasa and takes a few pictures, and it shows that even the plainest of things can be made magical and memorable with a personal touch. Those lime udon noodles may stand for a small apartment like Nasa’s, which became something far greater when Tsukasa joined the household.

The fun is cut short when Chitose arrives with her two maids, cornering Tsukasa while Nasa is away and questioning the marriage once again. Tsukasa insists that she is nothing more or less than an ordinary 16-year-old. Chitose is about to contradict her when Nasa arrives. The group flees when a local reporter shows up, looking for “hidden hot spot” places to eat. Chitose and the Yuzakis are not interested in getting more exposure.

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Hypothesis, Then Proof

nasa with chitose

By the next morning, the whole gang is in Kyoto. Tsukasa just wants to visit the bakeries, cafes and the manga museum, while Nasa is open to just about anything. Chitose, meanwhile, is only interested in dissolving this marriage. By now, Nasa is ready to handle this conflict directly. He has the group split up: he’ll explore Kyoto with Chitose, and Tsukasa will spend time with the two maids. Now it’s time to talk things over with Chitose to get everyone on the same page.

Nasa cheerfully and casually makes his case that he’s looking to give Tsukasa the ultimate romantic gesture and prove that he’s 100% committed to her. Chitose’s argument is that Nasa doesn’t even know her well enough. Nasa and Chitose surprise each other by explaining that Tsukasa has saved both their lives in the past, and then Nasa explains one more thing. He knew right away that he loved Tsukasa when she shielded him from a truck with seemingly superhuman strength, and he will prove his love to her after their marriage.

It’s not unlike the scientific method: the hypothesis is posited first, then tests are done and a conclusion is reached. Nasa says that he married Tsukasa because he believed he loves her, and now that they’re married, he will spend many happy years proving those feelings to his wife. Either the marriage will take off like a shuttle, or tragically crash and burn. Either way, Nasa is certain that he and Tsukasa deserve a chance to discover where their marriage is taking them. By the time Nasa and Tsukasa are boarding the train for Nara Prefecture, Chitose has gone home and might be sympathetic to this marriage at last. With any luck, the Yuzakis will be too.

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