CHARLOTTE – With “Chaos to Connection, A Marriage Counselor’s Candid Guide for the Modern Couple,” readers go inside the mind and marriage of Lori Epting, who has guided thousands of couples.

The guide offers couples professional advice that is relatable and can be realistically acted upon.

“I tell my couples all the time that relationship distress is not unique. In fact, it’s normal, familiar, even expected. And it can be fixed,” Epting said. “I truly empathize with my clients because marriage is hard for me too: from a demanding job and crying children to never-ending laundry and now the added stress of a pandemic. But I have hundreds of hours of marriage trainings and client sessions under my belt, and all that knowledge is a game-changer for my marriage.”

She calls out the main culprit of marriage woes as the world of constant busyness, or “chaos,” that almost all families find themselves drowning in. Arming couples with the proper skills and tools to combat the most common marriage issues, the book guides them away from division and onto the same team, so the marriage serves as a place of comfort.

“Chaos to Connection” highlights stories of her couples – and even her own – to help readers:

• Understand why their communication with their partner needs work and what to do about it.

• Get out of the blame game: Is it your fault or mine?

• Feel normal if their post-child sex-life is in shambles.

• Understand the reasons why they are stuck in the same old fights and learn how to get out of them.

• Develop ways to move through the inevitable hurts in ways that not only heal, but also bring them closer together.

“Fixing your marriage can seem daunting. Cracking open this book does not have to be,” Epting said. “All advice given in the book is realistic and attainable; it has worked with countless couples time and time again.”

The book is available for pre-order at Amazon and It releases Oct. 9.

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