Marriage is a very delicate and an important discussion in Indian families. There are a number of points, which are kept in mind by the parents, while finalising the bride or groom for their children. The decision is for lifetime, therefore a respectable amount of time is devoted to finalise the life partner. The parents make it a notice that they do a proper research about the prospective bride or groom and see that he is compatible for their children. Many qualities, educational qualification, family background, all are checked, to know the future of the bride and groom. especially, families searching groom for their daughter are very much considerate about the family background and status of the groom, that he will be able to take good care of the bride or not. Money is not very important in life, but without money, a couple cannot live a happy and a satisfactory lifestyle. Therefore, it is very important that the groom family has good hands in finances and they live life in a lavished way.

Sometimes, all the above mentioned factors are there in the bride or the groom, but still the marriage bond does not get fixed. One of the most important steps in Indian marriages, performing which is considered essential for the healthy future of the married life of the bride and groom, is matching the horoscope compatibility. Horoscope matching is considered inevitable for the bright future of the Hindu married couple. The match result decides the compatibility of the bride and groom, and whether they are good enough for each other to live a whole life together. It is imperative that the married couple share some common traits to complement each other and their marriage. Moving further with the horoscope articles now comes the turn of matching the horoscope compatibility of cancer with Capricorn for marriage.

Cancer and Capricorn marriage is prove of the quote that opposites attract each other. Both the sun signs do not match and have noting in common. Their personality traits and attributes are very different and have different approaches towards life. A cancer is very emotional and believes in thinking from the heart, whereas the Capricorn is more of into practical side and takes decisions from his mind. Capricorns follow a rational approach towards life and looks into the beneficial points from a matter. Cancers are very attached to their family and gets affected if their loved ones are encountered by some problems. Whereas, Capricorns, do care, but do not go over the board to help their friends or relatives and to solve their problems. Not showing continuous interest in the family problems can be one of the complaints, which cancers can be seen talking about Capricorns.

Capricorns are highly ambitious, which many times create problems in their married life. In fact, the cancer is not able to understand the career oriented nature of the Capricorn and is mostly worried about their lesser attachment in the family matters. This also leads in the formation of an impersonal and low interest in relations for the Capricorn by the Cancer. The bride and the groom need to understand each other to be able to move smoothly in their relationship. And in a case like Cancer and Capricorn, the marriage needs time, so that they get to know each other well and come up with solutions, which could way off the differences from their married life. One thing, which helps them to bind with each other, is their loyal and truthful nature, from which they never loose their track. With the motive of understanding and filling their lives with happiness, both the cancer and Capricorn need to take steps of compassion towards each other.