Do you ever wonder about the love you and your partner have for one another? Do you find yourself wondering if he or she really is the one? Do you want to know how much they love you?

These are all important love meter test questions that should be answered when in a relationship. After all, love should be first and foremost. You certainly don’t want to keep dating someone who doesn’t love you or doesn’t have the same values, convictions or morals that you do. Some people will say that opposites attract, but most of the time you want to make sure that you are on the same page as the person with whom you are in a relationship with. Love meter test questions can be fun or serious and here are a few examples to hit your partner with.

What Do They Love About You

This is a great question to ask your partner. Pay close attention to the answer. Those answers which are superficial may be a warning sign. This can be especially true if you have been together for some time and their answer is your smile or your legs. By this point, they should have come to know you better and should have a response such as your dedication, compassion or something along those lines.

What Would They Do Without You

This is another good love meter test question. While you don’t want to imply that you are leaving or think about your death, it is a legitimate question to be answered. A good answer has a little bit more depth than they would be lost without you. Look for specifics when your partner responds.

Where Will We Be in Twenty Years

While you might be more apt to hear this question on a job interview, it is also a good one for a love meter test. You want to make sure that your partner feels that you can both stand the test of time. A good answer would be that you will still be together with a few kids and maybe even retired. Again, look for specifics and not just that you will both be fat and happy. In addition, make sure that your long-term goals are the same or at least you can compromise as you work toward the future together.


Don’t forget about this love meter question. Make sure that you are both comfortable with what goes on in the bedroom and that you both have similar tastes. In addition, make sure that your sex drives are both compatible with each other.


This is also an important area to cover when determining if you are a good fit for one another. You should ask questions as to what you would do in certain situations and how you feel about certain topics to make sure the values you hold are similar to one another.

If all of the answers don’t line up with your own ideals, don’t fret just yet. Just make sure of what you can live with and what you can live without.