From This Day Forward was started back in 2016 by Heather Krempel and her mom, Amy Moser. It’s the mother-daughter duo’s wedding ministry. They say their mission is to help couples that want to get married not go into debt over a wedding. They want people to focus on a healthy start to their marriage instead of financial stressors.

“It’s From this Day Forward… this is the first day of the rest of your lives so let’s not go crazy into debt to achieve that photo. Let’s start with your marriage and if we can still celebrate it then have a special day, absolutely. But let’s put your energy toward having a healthy relationship so you can ultimately have a healthy family, ” Heather says.

Their shop in Huntertown is decked out with everything a bride-to-be could need. Most of the items in their shop give purpose to second-hand wedding decors others would just toss away after the big day. Decorations, dresses, and other items are donated by the community.

“We’re trying to recycle, reuse, give it some purpose again.. and then it helps somebody else out because they don’t have to go out and purchase all of that as well. We are completely 100% volunteer driven at this point in time.. so it’s been running on people donating their time, effort, energies and resources… which is amazing. It gets a little stressful at times but there’s been some amazing people who have stepped up to help out. We just want to bring out positivity and help our community build healthier relationships,” Heather says.

They take care of it all… from the decorations to emceeing the night. It’s all about having a special day.

To donate or schedule an appointment/ consultation with From This Day Forward you can call 260-415-0839 or email them at