Why do superstitious beliefs rule your life? In the year 1847 Nick Joaquin wrote an unusual short story entitled “May Day Eve”. The story is a combination of horror and fiction. It’s a belief that on May one you can go in front of the mirror and ask who would be your partner in life. The mirror would show you his or her face but in case you made a mistake you will see a devil or a witch instead. They made wrong decisions because their basis is not real. We cannot base our lives on here say.

The story showed the consequences of making wrong decisions, because of superstitious beliefs. They let these beliefs lead them in making important decisions. They made wrong decisions because their basis is not real and this trapped them in marriage. In the story Donya Agueda bravely went in front of the mirror and started to chant believing she would see the face of her future husband on May one. She was startled when she saw Don Badoy’s face in the mirror. When Don Badoy saw her in front of the mirror he noticed how beautiful she was, and immediately fell in love with her. He pursued her and Donya Agueda agreed in marriage with him believing in the superstition on May one.

Life is always full of regrets, for we realize how important things are to us when it is gone. In “May Day Eve” Don Badoy regrets the past that he shared with Agueda his wife where they described each other as the devil and the witch after sharing a bad married life with each other. They were both not careful enough to mend their marriage. They were both blinded by hatred which brought them pain. They were not compatible they are very different from each other which has been the root of bitterness. Don Badoy wasn’t able to express how he really feels while Agueda never found out how much she really meant to Don Badoy really loved her and his love for her didn’t fade.

Life is short don’t let superstitious beliefs rule your life we make our own destiny. Say and do what you need to do, so we will not have regrets in the future. Regrets are idle; yet history is one long regret. Everything might have turned out so differently. Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.