Kissing is the fun part of falling and staying in love and there are many songs and quotes about why that first kiss is so important. Kissing is a universal language and requires no translation; its meaning is the same all over the world. It has even been suggested that the feel of the first kiss is how we determine if a person is the one for us. Researchers expand on this by informing us that kissing is biology’s way of determining who we will be most genetically compatible with.

Kissing has amazing health benefits and images of kissing create a feel good vibe for many of us that help us to connect with feelings associated with love and a feel good relationship. Not only does kissing connect us in lust and love, but there are many other benefits that do not meet the eye when there is a collision of the lips and tongues.

1. Kissing increases happiness. Kissing increases levels of oxytocin, also known as the “Love Hormone” and this floods our neurons with dopamine. This feel good hormone puts lots of happy smiles on our face.

2. Kissing strengthens our love bond. The more we connect with another through kissing, the more our brains fire and wire for increased positive connection. Couples who kiss regularly may live up to five years longer than those who don’t.

3. Kissing burns calories – Just Fabulous! Some researchers suggest that kissing can burn up to 2 to 6 calories a minute.

4. Kissing lowers stress. It decreases the stress hormone cortisol and increases serotonin levels in the brain. This contributes to lower levels of anxiety.

5. Kissing keeps us healthy. It improves our immunity by releasing antibodies that kill bacteria. Who would have thought that kissing can assist in the prevention of cavities by increasing saliva that washes our teeth? A kiss a day may very well keep the dentist at bay!

Top Reasons to Kiss List:

• Keeps us stay connected with our love partner
• Can help with preventing relationship conflict
• Lowers our blood pressure
• Increases serotonin/lowers anxiety
• Reduces pain
• Kissing boosts self-esteem
• Increases happiness
• Fights off cavities
• Makes us smile more
• Improves our mood

Kissing is intimate and is nature’s way of providing us with the opportunity to give and receive love and affection. It is also a wonderful way to keep fuelling the fires of passion n our relationship as well and keeps us healthy from the inside out.