Are you feeling out of sorts and a little puzzled because of the way your guy has been behaving of late? Do you feel that he is confused about the way he feels for you? If you are not sure as to whether your guy really knows whether you mean a lot to him or not, look for these signs that will give you clues as to whether he is in fact confused about his feelings.

He will act insecure around you
If he is not sure whether he really loves you or not, he will act insecure and even nervous around you. He will not know how to react to you. He will seem preoccupied and a little restless because he will find it hard to sort out the myriad of feelings that are rushing through him. This sort of insecurity should let you know that he is confused.

He will keep questioning you about your feelings
Do you find your guy quizzing you all the time as to your relationship, feelings for him and other issues connected to your future together? He is probably unsure of his own feelings for you, whether or not he wishes to commit to you and whether he is ready to be in a relationship in the first place. ‘

He will act suspicious
If he is confused about his feelings about you then he will never be able to relax in your company. Not only will he be afraid that you are going to make him do something he is not ready for, but he might be suspicious of everything you say or do. This is because he is not really confident of himself and confused as to his feelings for you.

He will blow hot and cold
You might find your guy behaving like he is crazy about you one minute and wanting to withdraw from the relationship the next! This is because he is getting carried away by his emotions and what he is feeling at that particular moment. With a result, you will find him blowing hot and cold.

He will test you
If he is not sure about his feelings for you, he may try to put the blame on you and try to test you to see if you are worth his love or not. If you find that he is constantly testing you to see if you really love him, then he is showing you that he does not really trust you and therefore does not love you in a way that he is supposed to!

He might ignore you until he is sure
If he is afraid to commit to you or has started to cool off and ignore you, this could be because he is not sure about his feelings for you. Because he is confused he will try to keep you at arm’s length till he is sure of his feelings and willingness to commit to you.

He says one thing but means another!
Many men who are confused about their feelings for their women try to cover up this confusion and lapse on their part by saying one thing but meaning another! If you find that your man consistently says things he does not really mean – he is confused about his feelings for you.