Everything does sound very easy, doesn’t it; with a simple question comes a simple answer. Well, when it really comes down to doing it is not really that easy after all. With practical and theory put together, it will be the ultimate test to see how long a relationship can actually last.

Goals are something which we can start with. When both parties head out to start various short term and long term goals, these are surely ways to keep the relationship going with something to look forward to: looking ahead of achieving it. Having the same sense of mission will help both parties come to a common solution when faced with problems, as the ultimate goal – direction is the same. For the little things you do together which are kept in memories.

The romance, sentimental values and memories are the bits and pieces put together to build a wonderful relationship. Why not just bring it back with a little more effort and revive the reality again?

Trust and understanding are 2 important factors in a relationship. These keep your partners aware of what is going on so that they will be in a peace of mind without having to wonder too much. Be honest with your doings and truthful with your words. You won’t want to start creating doubts in a person’s imaginary mind. Because when this happens, insecurity and doubts fall in accordingly. If you cherish your partner, you will want the best for him/her and vice versa. And this applies to their feelings and thoughts as well.

Creativeness is something which I always believe a relationship can’t leave without. By planning new items, programs and fixtures in your relationship, which will put a certain drive in it to keep it going with something to look forward to.

In a relationship, is all about togetherness. Like everyone says, it takes 2 hands to clap. If you understand this point, it will be a good time to start to find things to do together. Be it pool, singing, dancing or any other activities which both of you can build together.

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