Did you know that within the marriage relationship and marriage issues both husband and wife either bear the wholeness of the One-Mind, or instead of separation from wholeness which is what often leads to infidelity in marriage?

How to save a relationship is in understanding that constant healing is a part of everyday life as humans in this world.

The ego-based human mind since the symbolic Garden of Eden has been living under constantly separating thought from the One Mind of Creation– God, and continues to fragment to this day.

Marriage is God’s conduit for love and wholeness.

It is meant to be in this world a safe harbor where a female and a male while in this world may be united and whole as a reflection or glimpse of our real Home-

– Heaven.

It is really difficult to have these glimpses of Home– love and wholeness, when you are at odds with your spouse. Conflict drains our psychological and innovative energies.

Regretfully, many husbands and wives seem like they are sleeping with the opponent instead of with the oneness beyond the body which we really share.

How to save a relationship or fixing a broken marriage means understanding marriage is a reflection of wholeness of mind within our Creator.

When a couple is on the same page, so to speak, they are displaying the wholeness of the Creation within the One-Mind of God.

Okay, now you have the basic idea of the marital relationship while we pass through time in this world, how to stop divorce and other marriage issues marital relationship needs a plan.

You must decide, when and for all, are you going to commit to honoring wholeness– our real Home– Heaven, through your marriage.

Let’s move on if you are seeing what I mean here.

If you’re making a plan to improve or begin fixing a broken marriage it’s best to begin on the right foot.

Even if it is surviving an affair it needs taking obligation for the negative, wrong-minded things you have contributed to your marriage without justifying yourself or blaming your spouse.

Admitting to as a starting point for healing or undoing the separated mind can be a turning point in our lives.

It suggests we make a mindful shift as a contract, we may say, with wholeness of mind, which IS God, about healing our human projections of separation.

When we can let go of the idea of the body as who we truly are, thoughts of wholeness prevail over thoughts of separation.

The Course in Miracles states, “For nothing that you value here do you value wholly, and so you do not value it at all.”

Surely while in this world we will have many thoughts based on projections and assumptions that are the ingredients of separation.

But when we can have a higher basis of reflective thought wholeness leads the way during our time in this world.

When we do this, wholeness is the value of God that gives us the power to accomplish that.

The Course in Miracles further states, “In Heaven is everything God values, and nothing else. Heaven is perfectly unambiguous. Everything is bright and clear, and calls forth one response.”

Previously I discussed finding the best marriage advice, which led the session to answering certain considerations for emotional healing.

A few of the things you might wish to consider admitting are:

– The ways which you have not trusted and honored your own inner depths of oneness of mind.

– I mean the ways you have not been aligned to your true Reality, the consequences of your choices to you, your partner and your marriage.

Exercising real humility is a crucial part for how to save a relationship or fixing a broken marriage.

Making acknowledgement of your human ego-based thoughts of projections rather than denying the ego, will shine light that causes projection to fade away.

Acknowledgement of the ego getting in the way can go a long way in keeping our hearts caring and flexible to our spouse and commitment to wholeness.

The next step for how to save a relationship is making a plan for understanding your partner’s essential needs.

You also must end up being intentional about fulfilling those needs.

When you are meeting his/her crucial emotional needs, your partner will feel more linked and in love with you.

Regular prayer or learning how to do mindfulness meditation certainly is quite effective for healing marriage issue.

Meditate and pray, going within, and see that God shows His love and loyalty to your spouse through you. Prayer is how we experience the individual relationship– our interconnectedness with our Creator.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that, this “interconnectedness is the Christ Mind, and is what Jesus was here to show us.

Not that he had it and we do not, but rather that deep within we are all the Christ that is the Oneness of Creation.

It means no one being split or separate apart.

A marriage that reflects this image of wholeness– this ‘interconnectedness’ I am speaking of, is a loving and safe marriage. For that reason your marital relationship must be a refuge for both you and your spouse.

That’s why a strategy for how to save a relationship must deal with conflict.

Your marital relationship can be free from condemnation, contempt, attitudes and defensiveness. It is not, however, a marital relationship that is totally free from conflict.

Your fixing a broken marriage plan requires specific objectives and goals that are written down. Written goals are effective. They place a strategy into motion.

Next, let’s begin discussing keeping your marriage away from ever having to begin surviving an affair.

(Please note that I suggest searching the web of some form of counseling if you need to decide, for the best of both of you, you are going to dedicate to honoring wholeness through your marriage.)