You never thought this day would come, but there is your daughter. She looks stunning in her dress and you are proud of her. It is time for your speech, but you are still struggling for an ending. The ending is the second most important part (I believe the intro is the most important). It is a culmination of your blessing, your feelings, and your sentiment to the newly wedded couple.

A good way to end the speech is with a toast. It is normal to ask the gathering to stand for the toast. The toast is meant to be a final congratulation, so make sure you toast to the bride and groom and their happiness. In some cases, whether patriotic of very formal it is appropriate to toast the flag or country.

You have the idea of how to end it, but what do you say? Check online for some inspiring quotes for your daughter. Quotes are a useful tool because they are inspiring, short, and are prepackaged. Just make sure you do not over use them. Weave them into the speech’s conclusion for emphasis. Another way to close the speech is to relate personal experience. This is a good, positive way to show that marriage is a celebration between two people. If all else fails, one fail-safe method is to welcome your new son in law into the family.

The father of the bride speech is about the most personal you can get. So, raise your glass, stand and congratulate your daughter and son in law. Tell them how proud you are of both of them. This will end the speech on a positive note and hopefully inspire the guests. That is it, after that you are off the hook.