In Judaism we are taught to ask questions and seek the truth. This is also the essence of coaching. There is a very simple “magic” in a co-creative relationship where one person is listening and choosing specific questions in order to assist the other person to be able to “see” a truth more clearly.

Most of us face difficult choices at some point in our lives. Some choices, which can seem almost painfully obvious to others, are imperceptible to us, and vice versa. It is painful to feel stuck, unable to progress forward, in relationships, career choices, work and even spiritually.

Disruption in the energy of our life can take many forms. Sometimes the blockage can show in frustration, sometimes repetitive destructive patterns such as an inability to hold a job, leaving jobs, or, poor relationship choices. Energy blockages can even present themselves as physical symptoms. The ability to uncover an energy blockage and move forward, frees people to be more productive, in the workplace, the home and in the larger community.

Coaching helps to identify blockages and move forward from there. Coaching can be seen as similar to the process of tshuva. Powerful questions help the client to have insight into their inner messages. Simple encouragement and positive reinforcement propels people to take action which leads to higher levels of achievement and satisfaction.

The coaching relationship also resembles the partnership of a chevruta for learning. By posing key and focused questions, the coach, encourages the client to think and consider alternative perspectives and angles of a situation. It is the job of a coach to be able to listen to what is not being said as well as what is being verbalized. It is a form of internal magic when key powerful questions affect client insights .

A common hurdle preventing people from taking a “first” step is the belief that they can’t/shouldn’t do it. In assisting people to listen to their “messages” and to follow their divinely given strengths and talents, coaches are assisting Klal Yisrael to reach for our collective “next step” and to achieve a higher spiritual level.

Here are a few typical scenarios for which people seek a Personal Life Coach:

o I am really tired of my work. I can’t stand going to the office. I find myself going to work late, avoiding meetings, and I have been very impatient with my co-workers lately. I have been doing this work for years. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming that I have my own (you fill in). I know that’s ridiculous, but I have been thinking it for years; it is really my passion.

o I am a mother with young children. I am dedicated to being available to them while they are little and growing. Yet, I keep finding myself thinking about being a (You fill in).

o I am a (You fill in) and I am afraid to look at (You fill in).

o My children are all grown and I feel (You fill in).

o I have been struggling to: loose weight/stop smoking/ leave a relationship/start exercising…. I start and just cannot be consistent with it.

Thus, a properly trained coach can be an asset to each of us.