We are delighted to announce that after months (years) of study, research and experimentation, we have finally found a cure for ear hissing / ringing tinnitus!

Our cure for ear hissing tinnitus, uses a holistic approach, through a combination of nutrition, exercise, sound therapy and subliminal programming, to heal your Body, Mind and Spirit.

The final piece of the jigsaw was subliminal programming, using sound and images to convey positive healing affirmations, which the conscious mind neither sees, nor hears, but the powerful subconscious mind does perceive and takes in these messages.

In order to experience the full benefits, you will need to watch the video for at least 30 days. By using the split screen advantage of your PC, you can have the subliminal video running in one small window, whilst you continue to browse, work, read email etc. on the main screen. Your subconscious mind will pick up on all that is presented to it.

We also created pleasant ambient backgrounds, of soothing sounds like surf, rainfall, campfire, etc – mixed with brain wave synchronisation (alpha brain wave rhythms that put the subconscious mind in a receptive state to absorb the messages).

During the day, we ran the video in the background for 3 or 4 ten minute intervals, and at night we had the same sounds playing on mp3 files, for those times when the tinnitus can seem worse, acting initially as a sound masker, but with the benefits of the reprogramming.

Physician heal thyself.

The most important part of this healing process, is that you must want the change, and believe in the process.

The positive affirmations were gleaned from our years of research, but we found that although we agreed in principle to these common sense recommendations (healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, regular exercise, positive thinking, etc.), our conscious mind would repeatedly sabotage our good intentions.

“I’m too tired to exercise today” – regular exercise will actually make you stronger and fitter, and ultimately less tired.

“I’m just having a drink to help me to get off to sleep, because of the tinnitus”. That drink will not help the tinnitus, and may actually be a cause of the tinnitus.

I can’t be bothered cooking a meal, let’s get a take out” – Your body should be treated with respect, these meals contain so much salt and sugar, way beyond the recommended daily intake.”

These, and many other excuses, were the monologue we had with ourselves, in spite of knowing there was a better way.

Is it any wonder that your body has responded by sending out a clarion call (the sound of tinnitus), in order to wake you up from your slumber and alert you to the changes needed.

Most popular theories about tinnitus agree that tinnitus is not a physical ailment (which is why doctor’s can not find a cure, but the tinnitus is a matter of perception (being relayed by the powerful subconscious mind).

Likewise, our efforts to reprogram our subconscious by our desire to change are perceived by the subconscious mind as our intention to follow through with the changes. The subconscious mind is a very powerful ally, it only wants the best for you. It wants to help you to live a rich, fulfilled and peaceful life, free of stress and worry. The subconscious mind is your personal genie, a power greater than yourself, whilst at the same time, it is yourself.

We have all been programmed to believe many false memes and beliefs in all walks of life. Many people are beginning to awake to the truth now, but it is usually because they have reached as far as they can stand and want to change to a better lifestyle.

For me, this wake up call was the debilitating sound of ear hissing tinnitus, which at times was absolutely unbearable. For others it can be any form of addiction such as gambling, alcoholism, drugs. For others it may be personal relationships, depression, feelings of not being worthy, etc.

Just like the compulsive gambler, or the alcoholic, these problems can not be overcome until the sufferer (not his friends or family) wants to be healed. Hopefully they then enter the Recovery Programs, of which the main step is that they came to believe in a power greater than themselves.

That power is not Jesus, or Buddha or any other ‘God’. It is themselves, their own Higher Power, which is the hidden and powerful subconscious mind. Physician, heal thyself. Get in touch with your Higher Self. Start the dialog and become the change you want to be.

As we continued with the program, we gradually noticed a change in our attitudes and beliefs, and started to live the healthier lifestyle, and.. the tinnitus was no longer there. If we ‘fell of the wagon’ it would return, but not with such devastating effects, as in the past.

What was it that Jiminy Cricket (almost) said?

“And always let your (sub)conscience be your guide.”

We have spent a lot of time and money on products and programs claiming to cure tinnitus, and none of them have worked. However, we did learn a lot from all of these various products, and have merged our knowledge into a complete holistic system that does work.

We have decided that we will put together a package (electronic ebook) an mp3 album, and the subliminal video, and once this is ready (within a week from now, hopefully), we will offer it for a very, very low price for readers of this article. Hopefully you will also be healed of tinnitus, and will be kind enough to write a short testimonial, in support.

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