The Dream Achiever Program, is an online training program, created by Stuart Lichtman based on his well known and documented cybernetic transposition method for achieving defined desires and goals.

I am a long time student of his and have spent years practicing and applying his cybernetic transposition processes to achieve goals in my life ranging from financial and business goals to personal and relationship goals.

This Article explains some of the details of what is behind Lichtman’s proprietary and tested program.


First, you should know that Stuart is a scientist by training and also has vast experience in artificial intelligence and human psychology. His methods combine scientific principles, advance principles of modeling based on proven research tracking how the human brain thinks and behavioral studies of successful entrepreneurs.

He takes a totally different approach than most programs that teach manifestation or goal achievement. You do not have to worry about wasting your time with philosophy based or ambiguous theories. You also do not need to work on anything like affirmations or belief systems or any change in your current thinking.

Instead, he teaches step by step, one-two-three processes that you can follow to create the results you want. He names every component of his system with some technical terms that come from the science upon which they are based. However, do not worry- you do not need to understand the terms or even believe in the processes. All you need to do is to follow what he tells you to do.


Other than the online videos you get with the program, all you need is a pen and paper and a willingness to spend the time doing the exercises. However, you should not expect that you can just sit back and passively listen to his program and your goals will be created instantaneously.

After you apply cybernetic transposition to a defined desire or goal, then the follow-up commitment is only a few hours for goals you define as average to difficult to achieve. For the seemingly impossible goals, you should expect to spend a few hours a week as follow up time until the goal is met.

The benefit is that you are never wondering or guessing about whether you are on track or doing something right or wrong. You will know you are on track and you will be surprised at the results.


As with any self help or goal based program, the most difficult component is dealing with the things that unconsciously get in the way – the deep, unconscious programming and negative internal conflicts that lead to self-sabotage. In this program, you will learn proven processes that will get rid of such blockers permanently.


As part of the program, you will be encouraged to apply the Dream Achiever Program to a challenging goal that you define as a close to impossible to reach. So, it is not just for goals that you cannot seem to find the time to work on but for ones that you know will change your life for the better.