FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – A South Florida woman got the surprise of a lifetime from her longtime boyfriend after he used a billboard to pop the question.

Cellphone video showed Taylor Curry in the passenger seat of a car, looking somewhat confused.

“What are you doing, Tom? Is there something I should be seeing,” she is heard saying.

Seconds later, she discovered what all the fuss was about: a green billboard on the side of Interstate 95, near Commercial Boulevard, with a photo of her kissing her boyfriend, Patrick Callahan.

Next to the blown-up image, the billboard read, “Taylor, will you marry me? Patrick.”

The Delray Beach couple spoke with 7News about the romantic occasion on Friday.

Callahan explained how he got the idea for the grand gesture.

“Well, we’ve been together for six and a half years, so I knew it was about time,” he said, “so, yeah, definitely, I wanted to go big or go home.”

When Callahan went to J.R. Dunn Jewelers in Lighthouse Point to buy an engagement ring, he learned there was a contest that would give the winner the chance to propose to their significant other on a billboard.

Callahan won, but Curry said this was a multi-part proposal.

“That morning, he said, ‘Get dressed nice. We’re going to go grab some wine and stuff somewhere,’” she said, “so obviously I got very excited, and we showed up to Deering Estate in Miami, which is gorgeous.”

“I paid admission, just like everybody else, and I think people were just respectful and knew,” said Callahan. “I had a photographer, and I had someone flying a drone there, and I think they kind of just knew, and people cleared out.”

With the bright summer sun shining above them and the wind blowing the grass beneath their feet, Callahan got down on one knee and officially proposed.

Curry said yes, and the couple embraced, as the drone camera swirled above them.

But the festivities were not over just yet.

“At that point, he said, ‘Well, let’s go on to step two,’ and I was like, ‘Part two? What are you taking about?’ And that’s when the photographer and videographer hopped in the back of our car.”

The group drove north, crossed the county line and that was when they showed Curry the billboard.

“It probably took me a full minute to realize the billboard in front of us,” she said.

“I rented a boom lift with the help of my sister, who’s in construction, because I really just didn’t know about that,” said Callahan.

The drone once again swooped above the pair, as they smiled for the camera and kissed near the billboard.

It took Callahan seven and a half months of planning to pull off the elaborate proposal.

Curry can only imagine what surprises her fiance will have in store for the wedding.

“I always knew he might go a little all out, ’cause that’s how he is,” she said, “but it’s just so special that he went through all that he did, all the planning.”

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