How was your Valentine’s Day? Was your Valentine’s date eventful? Or did it end up in disaster that you would like to bury and forget? Most people would like to believe that their Valentine’s date was a success. I am not surprised because on this day couples would do their very best to make the day fun, romantic and exceptionally memorable.

But what happens afterwards? Have you ever wondered if your relationship will last forever and not just be a one-day affair? Is there such a thing as forever? Yes, I would dare say that there is such a thing as “forever”. Forever happens when you are compatible. Compatibility enables your relationship to keep that spark! That “spark” keeps the fire burning and the relationship lasting to forever. To keep that spark in your relationship, you must be compatible in the following areas:

1. Goals. Each and every one of us is a unique individual. As unique human beings we have our own specific goals. However, when you are in a relationship some of your goals need to be in alignment with your partner. Goals related to your financial future like buying a house must be your common or similar goals. You need to work together towards these goals to avoid division and conflicts.

2. Concern. Have you been too comfortable with each other that you have forgotten to be concerned of your partner? Are you still kind to your partner? Being concerned, kind, and considerate to your partner is evident with the little things that you do for each other like picking a favorite movie snack or magazine or helping with your partner’s chores.

3. Hobbies and dreams. As a couple, you most likely share the same hobbies and dreams. Though it is rare that a couple does not share the same hobbies and dreams, you must at the very least want to know your partner’s hobbies and dreams. You would like to understand your partner’s perception and perspective. You make an effort to make your partner know that you care by taking interest in your partner’s hobbies and dreams.

4. A strong foundation. A compatible relationship is one that has a strong foundation. There is something that you share and strongly believe in. A strong foundation is not built on just the superficial stuff like adding more material possessions. A strong foundation is built on faith and family values. Your belief on these will make your compatibility stronger.

5. Honor and respect. Compatibility happens when you honor and respect each other. Honor and respect is tested when issues arise in a relationship. Heated arguments are avoided if you honor and respect one another.

6. Grateful. Being grateful that you have each other in good times and in bad will make the relationship work. If you can agree on this and appreciate each other despite external pressures and obligations will enable you to have a long ride with your partner.