Marriage is a sacred institution, which has been in existence for centuries. People select their life partners on their own or through the recommendations of their family and Church and enter the holy bond of marriage. Christian marriages are typically governed by the Bible that lays certain rules to preserve the sanctity of the marriage. All true Christians usually get married in wedding chapels or churches to tie the bond in the presence of the Holy Bible.

To get married in a church, partners need to acquire the services of the priest or the minister who performs the marriage ceremony and may have to pay certain amount as rent of the church. While some churches may provide decoration arrangements, some may not offer any extra services. Several churches offer different packages to individuals instead of charging separately for individual services. Most of them allow individuals to bring along their own minister. All churches may have different rules and policies and it is advisable to clarify these issues in advance. Most churches offer discounts to members of that particular church.

The couple to be married exchanges their holy vows and promises to nurse each other in sickness and in health. They agree to honor their commitment and stay with each other until death. The priest or minister, and close family members stand testimony to this wedding. It is customary in Christian weddings to serve the wedding cake following the wedding ceremony. Wedding cakes are generally large and can be heavily decorated and multi-layered.

People can choose to get married in a wedding chapel of their own choice. Individuals can choose from a wide range of wedding chapels depending on their seating capacity and their location. While plenty of chapels can be found in cities, many opt for chapels situated in scenic locations.

There are people who prefer to have their wedding ceremonies at outdoor locations such as parks, beaches or in other exotic locations. Outdoor ceremonies offer them the freedom to arrange their weddings in unusual styles. Plenty of event organizers make marriage arrangements based on a particular theme.