Are you truly struggling after relationship separation or divorce with thoughts of getting back together with an ex? Well you’re not alone.

Anyone who says it’s simple to deal with a separation is either not being true to themselves, or they were never really in love.

The fact is, when a relationship breaks up, there is frequently a great deal of heartache and wounds to heal.

How you handle that is completely based on whether you want to revive your relationship or you simply wish to discover a way to proceed and live your life without your ex.

Begin to forgive yourself and your ex for all that transpired to bring the relationship to its end, and see that it is time for you to live life fully.

Most certainly, your former love relationship did see some hurtful times, but on the other hand you still want to replay in your mind all those great intimate times you spent together.

Keep in mind as heard a fellow author speak of at a recent relationship healing conference I attended, “Being close friends within intimate relationships much of the time is the cement that holds the bond together.”

The speaker added, “By experiencing that with your ex, and if it was authentic, you surely may miss him/her, and that can be a great sign of perhaps reconciliation in the near future.

Remember, loving couples share a certain mindful holiness when their love for one another is deeper than physical attraction.”

The Course in Miracles states, “To forgive is merely to remember only the loving thoughts you gave in the past, and those that were given you.”

Assuming you in fact wish to make up with your ex and begin fixing a broken relationship, there are some basic steps that you can take to make this occur.

Undoubtedly there will be days and weeks when you are on your own after relationship separation, but the last thing to do throughout this time is to be filled with panic and despair.

What’s great to understand is that it is these days and weeks, that will prepare you for a successful make up with your ex and, more significantly, help you keep him.

– Accept that your relationship has actually broken up and do so without panicking.

– Your next move toward getting back together with an ex needs to be to begin considering exactly what failed.

The only way you are going to effectively win you ex back, is if you search your heart honestly and clearly, exactly what went wrong.

That’s the first thing you’ll have to handle if you slipped up and have no idea of ways to put things right.

Then you need to search within as to why, if you cheated on your ex.

In a previous discussion we went into more depth about how to actually save a relationship and get the marriage back on track for keeps.

You have to look closely at this if your error was that you didn’t invest adequate time with your ex.

You need to choose what you can change now to show your ex that you truly do want him back in your life.

Another point that you must keep in mind is that for some people it’s all too simple to stick with what they know instead of move and take that leap on with their lives.

After relationship breakup ask yourself these questions:

– Do you actually wish to make up with your ex due to the fact that you love them?

– Do you want to make up with your ex due to the fact that it’s easier than moving on?”

– To answer these questions honestly you will really have to go deep within.

– Above all, don’t try to find ways to rekindle a relationship that was abusive.

The unidentified is often scary, but if your relationship was not good for you or your ex, then you must seriously think about moving forward in life.

This will take nerve, however in the long run it will be the ideal thing to do.

Whatever you choose to do after relationship separation, keep in mind, you do have a golden moment to actually believe and stop and think about how to proceed.

Do you wish to rekindle the relationship or is it time to shift forward in life? Ask yourself, are you really having a hard time after relationship separation?

How you deal with that is completely reliant on whether you truly desire to rekindle your relationship or that you should simply move on.


Remember, one of the finest ways to get him back in your life is to give him space.

If you do not, this makes you unappealing to him and it will make it more difficult to bounce back and begin living your life once again the both of you don’t get back together.

Even in the finest case situation of getting back together with an ex, you do need to realize that your love relationship will not be the same as it once was.

The ideas we covered in this article will put the odds in your favor of answering to, can I get my ex back, so if necessary review this material further and think seriously about your next move.

After a break-up it’s always best to address a few questions like:

– Do you really want to make up with your ex since you love them?

The unidentified is frequently frightening, but if your relationship was not great for you or your ex, then “are you going to move forward in life from here?”

(Please note I always suggest searching the web for further content on how to save a relationship now and stop divorce while healing marriage issues.)