Owner of the Christmas Lights House in Weltevreden Park and teacher, Gareth Lingens has come up with The 3 P Plan initiative that forms part of the YouTube channel he is launching.

Gareth has been working with teenagers for over 20 years in the roles of youth pastor, teacher and coach. Over the years the high school maths teacher has developed strategies to build better relationships with teenagers, and he also plans to write a book about the topic.

“What I am doing now is writing scripts for a YouTube channel so I can just share it with the world.  The 3 Ps is just the first part of developing a plan to build better relationships with teenagers. In my videos I talk about making important things a priority and having a picture of what it would look like to have such relationships,” said Gareth. According to Gareth, those improved relationships don’t just happen by accident, they are built intentionally. It all starts with having a plan.

The video will take a look at the letter ‘p’ in the word ‘plan’ and unpack three Ps that one can immediately and intentionally start using for that purpose. Gareth plans on releasing a new video every week to help those who deal with teenagers.

The other videos he plans to release will be on the 3Ls, 3As and the 3Ns.

Watch here: