In the last night (January 9) episode of Bigg Boss 14, Eijaz Khan confesses his love for Pavitra Punia on national TV and speaks his heart out. It so happens as Bigg Boss decides to surprise Eijaz.

Having yearned to meet Pavitra Punia for so long, his happiness knows no bounds when he hears Pavitra calling ‘Khan Sahab’. He immediately rushes outside to see her.

While they are separated through the glass walls, they find it difficult to keep their hands off each other.

They open their hearts out and express their love for each other. Eijaz keeps telling her that he has missed her so much and ready to accept as she is. Pavitra says, “We are no college kids and will go on dating. We are mature people, so are you in?” Eijaz says, “Tu jaisi bhi hai, jahan bhi hai mujhe qubool hai’.

Housemates can’t stop screaming from inside, while in freezed position. Pavitra also says that her family loves him and were talking about what’s on their mind. Eijaz tells Pavitra to speak to his Abbu. Pavitra says that he has to speak to her family and then ask for hand. They even kiss each other through glass wall.

He also says that he now knows how she is and she is perfect. He tells, “Mujhe meri takkar ki mil gayi.” Pavitra replies, “Main katungi bhi, pyar bhi karungi, mamta bhi dungi, khyal bhi rakhungi behen ki tarah.” Eijaz scolds her saying, “Behen mat bol.”

Signing off, Pavitra says that she has already won her trophy hinting towards Eijaz. While leaving Pavitra nags Eijaz to break his freezed position and hug her one last time. She keeps saying, ‘Meri kasam’ and Eijaz goes and hugs her. She whispers, ‘I love you,’ while leaving the house.

Once she leaves, all housemates come rushing towards him saying, ‘Eijaz ki shaadi’. Eijaz keeps humming romantic tunes.