Aquarians can count on this year for their personal growth. In 2021, they will finally have the energy, physical and mental strength to make new choices, beneficial for themselves and their future. The previous few months may have been too hard on you, so this year will provide you with the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself and strengthen your mental capability, to live life on your terms.

You will face challenges that might destroy your spirit but you have to be strong about it, to not let it bother you, on your path to personal evolution. There will be changes in your personal and professional life that will radically change your perspective. You might feel let down, but after the time passes, you will be your usual self, after overcoming the necessary changes. These challenges will also reflect largely on your relationships, which is going to be an integral part of your life, this year.

Single Aquarians have a lot to rejoice this year because, for them, love is on their way. They will encounter someone very charming who will sweep Aquarians off their feet. Regardless, their love chemistry will be very exciting and unexpected. However, they mustn’t let the excitement bling their senses, as the chemistry between them and their potential partner can disappear as soon as it comes. Taking it slow, within their pace will do them good. There is also a large probability that these people will indulge in physical relationships this year, where they need to set certain boundaries, so as to not let their grip on the relationship get away. If they give in to the relationship completely, without holding certain power over it, it might hurt them down the line.

Committed Aquarians will have to be cautious about encountering heated arguments in their relationship. This can be a major drawback as it will cause a rift between the partners. One might be unsure of their opinions and choices in the relationship and so, they will have to introspect to understand what exactly they want from their relationship. If things have been rocky between you and your partner, then ask yourself what and why the relationship means to you. You have to focus on yourself and let positive vibes surround you. But if you feel that your relationship is strong enough to battle the obstacles, then don’t let your relationship’s harmony get destroyed. Your love is important to keep the balance between you both.

Tarot Card reader Roshan Sylvia has broken down Aquarius’ predictions for 2021, in terms of relationships and love. See down below.

Aquarius Horoscope 2021

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