A marriage service is the most important part of a marriage ceremony. It is the point where God is acknowledged for Christians, as a minister presides over the marriage service. The following is a clear description of a marriage service held in church or any other place where a minister is presiding. The minister or authorized person begins by declaring that this is the day that God has made. He or she quotes the bible in this regard. He then moves on to greetings and states why everyone is gathered. The following is precisely what they say. ‘Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness and to celebrate marriage’ the couple will be mentioned as the statement continues. The statement is always a feature in a marriage service for Christians. It is a time of joy and merry because, the bible states that a wife is a good thing and that it is not good for man to be alone. Next, opening prayers for the ceremony are held, they mainly touch on the couple which is the focus of the day. They pray to God that he may guide them during their life together.

The next thing is usually a hymn or a song. The song will mainly be touching on the theme of love and marriage. The church or venues is usually decorated with colors that are themed for the wedding. It is a beautiful affair which ensures that all people get the message that this is indeed a wedding. The next thing is a first reading. In many instances, a family member will read a relevant part of the bible. The reading can also come from literature or even a poem. This is the best way to personalize the wedding. Many people continue to involve material they have written down because they want to keep the memory alive for the special day. At this point of the service, there will be entertainment through music and others. The message will be one and, will be directed to the bride and groom. Everything that the takes place will be to make the service and day centered to the bride and groom.

After the second reading has taken place, it is time for the vows. These are the single most important aspects because they are necessary for marriage. A bride and groom have to say it loudly to the congregation that they are ready to be bound together in matrimony. This is the time when the couple says ‘I do’. When this is done by both partners, they will sign the marriage documents. After this, the minister is given the wedding rings which the couple places on each others finger to ensure that they are officially a married couple. They are now man and wife. The rings are symbolic of love never ending. This can be truly an emotional moment and, many brides find themselves weeping alongside their family and friends. It is a time of joy and happiness untold. The husband and wife can begin their life together.