This review of “500 Intimate Questions for Couples” covers the important aspects that you need to know about the product before you make a decision on whether you wish to buy it or not. It is important that you understand the pros and cons of products before investing your money and time and to ensure that you get what is promised. It can be an uphill task because of the numerous products that are available online today and it can be confusing to know which of these are actually good.

The first thing to know about the product 500 Intimate Questions for Couples is that it is not like other eBooks that you read and forget. The very aim of the product is to put it into practice – in fact there is no value to it if you plan to just read it. If that is your goal, there is no point investing money in it. However, if you aim to put it into practice, it is worth an investment.

So how is 500 Intimate Questions for Couples different from other relationship enhancement products? First, the author rightly recognizes that for any intimate relationship to work, communication is the key. Many couples come to the same conclusion. If their sex life isn’t as great as they would like it to be, the best solution is the simplest solution – you just have to talk about it with your partner.

The real challenge of course is that it is easier said than done. This is where the product 500 Intimate Questions for Couples comes into picture. As the title suggests, there are 500 questions that will help enhance your relationship if you know the answers from your partner. These are written by a relationships expert who has been on numerous TV shows, including Oprah. Therefore it is much easier to approach your partner with a list of questions written by an expert so it can simply be like a fun exercise instead of embarrassing moments.

Therefore the basic idea is that you buy the product and let it help you with the communication issues you have in a relationship. If you think that your relationship or the communication aspect of your relationship is great and needs no help, you don’t really need the product. If on the other hand you recognize that communication improvement can greatly help your intimate sex life, you should definitely consider this as a help or a guide.

Since 500 Intimate Questions for Couples is written by a relationships expert, it has all the elements of professional talk that you should have with your partner. Another good thing about this collection is that it has been made with suggestions from common folk and doesn’t come from arcane literature on this subject. The questions are practical and useful for couples in all stages of a relationship.

500 questions does seem like a lot of asking, but there are categories, and you should only ask the appropriate questions, depending on the stage of the relationship you are in. There are different questions for people who are married for 20 years and a different set of questions for those who are still in the flirting and dating stage.

An added advantage is that asking intimate questions actually strengthens a relationship. There are many ways to present these questions to a partner and of course you wouldn’t want to give it as a long questionnaire. It is easy to get creative with the ways you can ask these.

Sharing personal and intimate details with another person can be challenging but it is also very enriching to the relationship. 500 Intimate Questions for Couples gives you just the right questions that can help build a strong relationship through communication. It certainly helps to know what your partner wants and thinks.