5 Strange Things Women Do When They’re Alone

What women do when they’re alone?

5 Strange Things Women Do When They’re Alone

Many women live with a friend or share rent with a colleague until they move in with their partner. For the lucky ones who can afford the luxury of living alone, the experience can be quite liberating.

If you think living alone can make you a little weird, here are some of the things women who are on their own do:

They can afford to look bad in the morning

One of the benefits that women who don’t have to share their home with anyone, even their partner, enjoy is that they don’t worry about how they look in the morning when they barely come out of their bedding. They don’t care whether the mascara has been stretched out under their eyes because they fell asleep before they were unwrapped, or that they wear a very wide, crumpled and barefoot shirt on their undersides,

Leave the important stuff to the last hundred

People who live alone are tempted to be disordered. be less careful about cleaning. As with men, women are careless. They only put a washing machine when the laundry maldar is about to fall down or when they really don’t have anything to wear anymore.

How Do You Trust Again?

When you’re single, you don’t even realize you’re living in dirty things until someone tells you they’re coming by later. Then you get into a crazy panic to put a little order in things.

He walks around the house naked

One of the biggest feelings of freedom a woman feels when she lives alone is that she can walk around the house naked. She can sit in the kitchen in her underwear, she just cooks for herself, she can eat sitting in the middle of the bed just as briefly dressed, she can come out of the bathroom as naked as she went under the shower.

Spend as much time as they want in the bathroom

Speaking of bathing, another joy of living alone is that you don’t have to share the bathroom with anyone in the morning. You can stay as long as you want, or whatever, as much time as you allow so you don’t have to wait. The fact is that no one knocks on your door to ask you how long you have left, it is up to you to get out or not sooner.

Listen to the same playlist whenever you want

When you live alone, you can go to bed any time you want, listen to whatever music you want, and even leave the same song on repeat forever. There is no one to stop you or tell you to turn down the music that he can’t tell you anything.