Christian marriage counseling is a distinct resource for couples who desire to work towards building a healthy relationship in an environment where their biblical values will serve as an integral part of the treatment process. It fuses a Scriptural approach to marriage with empirically based methods aimed at helping couples improve their communication, rebuild trust, and strengthen their overall emotional connection. Let’s briefly explore the elements and benefits of Christian marriage counseling.


Marriage counseling can be intimidating, especially when a couple is unsure of what to expect from the process. This is an important reason why Christian counseling is a central resource to spouses. It provides them with a sense of safety and confidence in knowing their counselor has a similar faith background, and will encourage them towards a deeper engagement of that faith as they address essential aspects of their marriage. Furthermore, they can have a sense of freedom in openly discussing both the joys and difficulties of their walk with God as a couple, which serves to help create a rich dialogue that may not be present in a non-christian setting.


I would describe Christian marriage counseling as a transformative experience based on how it engages couples in the necessary journey of exploring their hearts. It requires them to:

Identify how their Christian faith intersects with how they treat each other on a daily basis, and to evaluate how the conflicts, infidelities, abuses, and breaches of trust in their marriage have been driven by deeper perceptions and attitudes they have held over time.

The result is an approach that goes beyond a superficial or primary focus on communication skill building and helps a couple to make their faith a very real part of their day to day lives.


It doesn’t take long as a counselor to realize that teaching a couple new communication skills simply doesn’t cut it when trying to help them establish positive changes that will last over time. Establishing that type of change requires that spouses are willing to not only learn those skills, but to work at ensuring their hearts or minds stay in the right place so they can love each other effectively over time. Christian counseling is unique in this regard because it helps married couples facilitate that process through a direct application of their faith, while also helping them connect emotionally and spiritually in a manner that both members find satisfying.


Out of all the things that can be experienced in a Christian counseling setting, hope is the one factor that stands out the most. I say this as a Christian, knowing that when we are willing to avail ourselves of the love and grace of God provided to us through Christ, that our hearts and minds can be renewed and empowered through his Spirit to do all that is necessary to live according to righteousness. The result is that our marriage can experience the resulting effects of our heart being transformed and engaged by God, enabling us to love our spouse with a continual and passionate love.

Christian counseling accounts for this engagement between God and humanity by helping couples find a needed sense of hope in their faith as they make ongoing efforts at bettering their marriage.

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