It has been a couple weeks since Hurricane Irma made landfall. And, while she is gone, among the many things she took from us, she took with her a lot of people’s motivation.

I noticed that people are still turned upside down from the hurricane. Some, rightfully so. If you have lost a loved one or lost your home, it may take years to even begin to start getting over something like this. But in today’s message, I am going to talk to those who did not lose a loved one or their homes.

I know that rebounding after an event like Irma can be hard, but we have to do it. Events of all sorts come through our lives like hurricanes at times. They sweep and stir up everything in sight and then are suddenly gone only to leave a mess we have to clean up. Relationships, a long absence from work or being down sick can turn our lives upside down and make us less motivated. There are many of these events that have and will occur in our lives, but there comes a point when you have to get back in the swing of things again.

Here are 4 Quick Tips to Get Back In the Swing of Things when You’ve Lost Motivation

1. Spend time with people that re-energize you.

If you want a double dose of motivation and a cup full of inspiration, hang out with the go-getters of the world. Find the people in your circle that are pushing toward goals, overcoming hurdles and getting crap done. The more time you spend with them, the more apt you will be to get back in the swing of things. Set meetings with these go-getters, take them to lunch or even follow them on social media and be inspired by what they are doing and where they are headed.

2. Re-write your goals then put them in front of you.

Don’t just pull out your goals, re-read them and shove them back in the drawer. Write out a new copy of your goals; fresh and clean. Then, print out at least 5 copies and post up those goals everywhere. Even put them as the back drop to your phone. You need to see these goals all the time to get re-motivated. The more frequently you see these goals, the sooner you will see them becoming a “sign” that you need to get moving and achieve these things.

3. Create an upbeat environment.

In the case of Irma, if your storm shutters are still up, take them down. In the case of a broken relationships, take down the picture of you two happily in love. Instead of surrounding yourself with the very issue that is unmotivating and causing depressing thoughts, change up your environment with more inspiration. I understand another hurricane MAY come someday, but those storm shutters are blocking the sun and the beauty around you, today. Take them down. In the case of a broken relationship, I understand you loved that person, but they are not in your life anymore, put pictures of good times with family and friends up instead; your current support systems. Consider creating collages of your goals and dreams and put them up, too. Post up inspirational quotes and funny memes to make you laugh. Intentionally create a fun and motivating environment and it will rub off on your life.

4. Create a list of to-do’s.

One of the tough things about getting into the swing of things is seeing how far you are behind. Talk about unmotivating to see 100+ emails, a full voicemail, two weeks of backed up to-do’s on top of rescheduled meetings. Start small. Create a list of to-dos and prioritize them. Maybe wake up an hour early or stay an hour late just for a week to get the load down a little. Be sure you stick to your list and priorities and stay focused. If you let distractions get in your way you will continue to feel like you are not getting ahead. Stay focused and get to work.