What’s stopping you from restoring your marriage? Is it pride getting in the way or could it be selfishness? Do you have enough time left to save your marriage or are you destined for a bitter divorce? Are you dealing with infidelity in your marriage or just growing apart? Is it possible to restore your marriage?

OK, I know that’s too many questions but there are lots of questions when it comes to marriage. If you are not careful and leave some of the more important ones unanswered, you put your marriage at risk.

One of the saddest things in life is being in an unhealthy and miserable relationship. On the one hand, you probably know that if things don’t change the story won’t have a happy ending. On the other hand, you are at a lost on how to make things right. I have 3 simple suggestions for restoring hope in your marriage.

Tip # 1 For Restoring Your Marriage – Apologize and ask your spouse to forgive you

One of the things that you might need to do is take the focus off what your spouse has been doing wrong to make your marriage a living hell and look inward. I recommend that you make a list of all the areas in your marriage where you have fallen short of being the best spouse you could be.

Taking time to reflect on your flaws and not your spouse’s will allow you to both appreciate your spouse a little bit more and give you a list of things you can improve on.

The next thing I would recommend is that you pick two or three things that you can approach your spouse about and apologize. For example, perhaps because of the difficulties in your relationship you have been indifferent or distant from your in-laws. Maybe it would be helpful to confess this to your spouse and ask for his or her forgiveness.

Think about some things you could be doing better and approach your spouse, confess them and ask for forgiveness.

Do this without expecting anything in return. Don’t expect your spouse to acknowledge any shortcomings. In fact, expect your spouse to be a little suspicious of your intentions. This is normal so don’t be confused or surprised. What you are doing by apologizing is opening re-opening the heart.

Tip # 2 For Restoring Your Marriage – Allure Your Spouse

One of the things that most likely happened when you first met your spouse was that you allured him or her. You made a conscious effort to think about your spouse on a daily basis. You probably thought about your spouse before making the tiniest decisions. Now you probably barely consider your spouse, regardless of what it is.

Why not go back to how it was when you first started out. Make the choice to purposely do things with the intent of alluring your spouse. You did it before so I know that you can do it again. Think about what interest your spouse and spend some time exploring and developing those interests.

Tip # 3 For Restoring Your Marriage – Never Give Up Hope

The only thing that keeps some marriages together is hope. Hope will stop you from saying those words “I’m leaving”. Hope will keep you from having an affair. Hope will allow you to forgive your spouse. To keep hope alive you must not allow the negative things rule your marriage. Look for the silver lining or the ray of sun on the cloudy days. Even when you are having a rough day, keep your mind and spirit on your goal, a restored marriage.

Restoring your marriage is definitely possible. I’m hopeful that you will work things out.