There are certain important rules in our lives that we have to follow. Whether it’s about studies, business or about any relationship, there are some rules that we have to follow. You are in exams, you follow rules or you are in bank/booking office, you follow the rule. The reason of this emphasis is to highlight the importance of rules and etiquette in every thing we do or come across. The same is the case with friendship as it also has certain rules which are to be followed. The importance of rules is depicted in the friendship quotes and if followed properly, our relations are stronger.

See the following 3 rules of friendship that I have been able to find out in the quotes. I hope you will like them.

Be a Good Listener:

A friend has to be a great listener and pay heed to whatever is being said to him. When you listen to someone carefully, the attention of speaker automatically converts to you. You give space to your friend to share and express his feelings, knowledge and worries with you and lighten her/his heart. If you speak less and listen more to what is being said to you, it brings respect for you in the eyes of your friend.

A Friend in Need is A Friend Indeed:

As this saying is popular among all and sundry, the importance of support becomes more highlighted. As per the famous friendship quotes, a real friend is the one which is not changing like weather. Care and empathy are some of the bond-making emotions in our heart, which can really work wonders. Small things matter the most in relationship, so taking care of each other’s worries, needs and other problem helps in strengthening relationship.

Trust, Trust and Trust:

No doubt, every relationship is based on the principle of trust and mutual respect. However, in friendship, you have to have this keep on the priority list. Trust is indeed something which can’t be compromised in any relationship; particularly friendship is other name of trust and understanding. It’s trust which provides basis for mutual understanding and patience. Always be honest to your friends because ill-intentions create the first space for the misunderstanding and then lead to catastrophic end to the relationship.

Finally, memorize good quotes which you could use for your advantage and increasing wisdom and respect for relationships. There are many dedicated friendship quotes’ directories on the web, which can be very helpful in this regard.