It’s often the perfect love story. Two people meet and start dating around the age of 24. They have their life mapped out and in a few years are engaged, then married and with kids. Life is going great as they find the right house and SUV to park in the garage. Then the most unfortunate event possible takes place. The husband decides to cheat on his lovely bride and family.

You would think that having a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids would be enough to keep a husband faithful. Unfortunately way too often, it’s just not enough. How could it be so that for the thrill of a one night stand or an afternoon rendezvous, a husband would risk it all?

There are some who think it’s just in males DNA. Men are born cheaters some say. If that were the case then every husband has or will cheat. I think that’s just a lame excuse to justify cheating husbands. It’s flawed logic and helps to enable cheating husbands.

If you or anyone you know has experienced infidelity you know there is no one size fits all answer to cheating. There is some cheating that is reprehensible but explainable, such as;

• Getting severely intoxicated losing the wherewithal to know right from wrong.

• Having an emotional or physical affair while in the midst of getting a divorce.

Although these are wrong, it’s not unreasonable to understand how cheating could occur. Yes the pain is still unbearable, regardless of the reason for the infidelity. However, I have found that forgiveness comes a bit sooner when there is an explanation.

2 Reasons Why Husbands Cheat In The First Few Years Of Marriage

The first reason why husbands cheat on their wives after a few years of marriage is because they never intended to be faithful. Some men play the husband and father role well. Their intention from day one was to live the “Get married dream” but keep the bachelor life close by.

Why else do marriages get annulled right after the honeymoon due to cheating? Who in their right mind cheats during the honeymoon? For goodness sake you would think all of the attention would be paid to his new bride. Unfortunately since in a lot cases the honeymoon is not the first time couples have been intimate. In the old days the honeymoon was filled with excitement and anticipation. Nowadays the element of surprise, for the most part, has been removed.

The second reason why some husbands cheat on their wives is because they are risk takers. They calculate the odds of getting caught and think they are too wise to get busted. However, many wise men have been caught red-handed and ended up shamed and exiled from their family.

If you or someone you love is dealing with infidelity, it’s time to get help. Getting help doesn’t have to be lying on a Therapists couch and pouring out your heart and soul. Not that there is anything wrong with that. The right counseling does wonders for a broken marriage. But counseling isn’t for everyone. You must do something though.