Michael Webb is a best-selling relationships author who has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, including Oprah. He estimates that 83% of divorces would not take place if couples asked each other the right questions, preferably before they married. Everyone has perceptions about the world around them, core values and priorities which are important to us. For two people to get along together at an intimate level, there must be compatibility where it counts. Far better to find this out before living together than to feel the pain of separation or divorce afterwards. Michael Webb has put together 1,000 of the most important questions couples should ask each other, in a 90 page e-book.

1000 Questions for Couples begins with these words:- “You are probably aware that in many countries of the world the bride and groom don’t really know each other before they get married. Well, that actually happens in every country. I’ve known men and women who “dated” for 6-12 months who were surprised at who the person they married really was….”

1000 Questions for Couples contains hundreds of fun “getting to know you” questions, but there are also important questions that most people don’t think of asking, but are absolutely necessary if you want a happy relationship. You want to know the thoughts, feelings and desires of the one you are with – what they are passionate about, what irritates them. You will then know how to give them much joy and happiness – and whether you are the person who can do it.

The questions are grouped into topics and cover areas such as “Personality, Feelings and Emotions” … “Favourites” … “Morals, Convictions and Beliefs” … “Friends and Family” … “Communication” … “Money” … “Sex” … “Vacations” … “Attractions” … “Hobbies and Entertainment” and many more. Some couples have found benefit from emailing the questions to each other, while others prefer to just sit and talk face to face.

1000 Questions for Couples is the perfect book for anyone interested in entering a romantic relationship, finding the right mate, asking themselves “have I found the right one?”, facing a marriage proposal, or just wanting to really know your partner.

All in all, an excellent book for anyone who wants to avoid any “surprises” and provide themselves a distinct advantage for achieving a long and happy intimate relationship. The book is well written, easy to follow and priced at under $US25. It comes with a number of bonuses which makes it good value.